Door Knockers and Bells

Mounting Instructions for Door Knockers

1) Hold your door knocker in the desired position on your door and mark the locations for the holes to be drilled.  Some products have mounting brackets.

2) Using a 3/32" drill bit, drill guide holes 1/2 to 3/4 inches deep.  Note that on most designs you should NOT drill the holes all the way through the door.  Only the Nantucket Basket, Victorian Urn and the Doctors door knockers require one or two 3/16" holes to be drilled through your door.  In this case the long brass screws provided go through the door and screw into the back of door knocker.

3) Some designs require the door knocker to be removed from a mounting bracket before the bracket can be attached to your door.  Remove the hinge and you can detach the knocker from the mounting bracket.

4) Screw the door knocker or mounting bracket to the door using the enclosed screws.

5) If necessary, reattach the door knocker to the mounting bracket once more. 

Your door knocker is now ready to provide years of reliable service!

Mounting Instructions for Doorbell Covers

1) Turn off the power to your existing doorbell.  Remove your current doorbell button and disconnect the two wires.

2) Using the supplied screw, attach your new mounting bracket to the doorbell location pulling the wires through the large button hole in the mounting bracket.  (Note: Some designs require the removal of the body of the doorbell ringer from the mounting bracket before the bracket can be attached to the wall.  The body is attached to the mounting bracket with a single screw.)

3) Attach one wire to each terminal on the new doorbell button and push the button into the mounting bracket.  (Note: It does not matter which wire is attached to which terminal.)

4) If required, reattach the body of the doorbell to the mounting bracket and return power to the doorbell.

You are now ready to enjoy your new doorbell!

Care for Door Knockers and Doorbell Covers

Each door knocker and doorbell cover are covered with a protective layer and should NOT be polished.  Since the protective layer varies with each piece, we suggest the following: clean with a soft cloth and a mild solution of liquid dish soap.  Rinse with water to remove soap residue and dry with an additional soft cloth taking care not to rub too hard.

Sample Finishes for Door Knockers

                                                                  Nickel Silver         Oiled Bronze          Red Brass          Yellow Brass                                    Most door knockers are hand made to order and colors and finishes may vary.

Thank you for choosing your door knocker and doorbell cover from Door Knockers and Bells .com  We wish you many hours of enjoyment with your new product!