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colby smith tulip door knocker
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Colby Smith Door Knockers have been designed, created and sold for nearly 30 years.  Including his wife, Jane, this is a two person operation. 

The original design is usually modeled in wax.  That design is then cast and made into a metal pattern that is used in a sand mold.  The sand molding, using either yellow or red brass, is poured at a local art foundry.  The raw casting is finished and assembled in our workshop.  Finishing the metal involves various shaping, smoothing or texturing techniques using hand and power tools.  The door knockers are assembled either mechanically or welded.  Many of the pieces are patinated with chemicals and given a hand rubbed finish.  They also provide nickel plating on any of the designs.  In most cases, they are finished by dipping in an acrylic lacquer.  They provide fasteners and instructions when necessary for secure installation on wood, metal and composite fiber doors.  As a service to our customer, they will also re-polish and lacquer everything they make. 

We like to think that the door knocker is most often the focal point of the door.  It reflects something about the person that lives on the other side.  Proportion is also to be considered when choosing a door knocker.  Colby Smith try to make them large and simple enough to be a recognizable shape, yet with hand detailing to hold interest up close. 

Working in the yellow, red brass or nickel plate is aesthetically pleasing.  Introducing a different metal color sets apart the door knockers from the rest of the door hardware.  That way, the door knocker is a functional piece of art or sculpture to be enjoyed and appreciated.  Colby Smith signs all the pieces.

More detail information is available by calling Colby at 508-675-5775 or emailing him at

Please Note: All Colby Smith Door Knockers are hand made to order and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery!