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We are proud to offer a large selection of unique brass, bronze and nickel door knockers.  An elegant door knocker on your front door is the perfect hardware accessory.  We carry the full line of Michael Healy door knockers as well as many other elegant, decorative door knockers. 

Door knockers can be chosen for both their function and their unique charm.  The functional use of door knockers are as a means to alert the home occupants that somebody is outside.  Many times however, charm is what motivates a family to add a door knocker to a front door to create a pleasing and welcoming look to the front entrance.

If you are looking for a unique and elegant gift, a door knocker will surely provide you with a one of a kind present for the newlyweds in your life or the family purchasing their first home. 

The History of Door Knockers ~ while there is very little documentation about the early history of door knockers, it is documented that door knockers have been used for more than two thousand years with early examples hailing from Ancient Macedonia around 400BC. During that time period, door knockers only graced the doors of the more elite members of society.  Early door knockers would have likely been crafted from hand beaten iron.  At Door Knockers and Bells .com our door knockers are made from brass, bronze or nickel.

 Please check out our large selection of door knockers and find the perfect one for yourself or someone you love.

Sample Finishes for Door Knockers


 Nickel Silver         Oiled Bronze          Red Brass          Yellow Brass                                  

  Most door knockers are hand made to order and colors and finishes may vary.