Door Knockers and Bells

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Looking for the largest choice of unique doorbells?  Or maybe an elegant doorbell?  We have a large selection of doorbell covers.  We carry brass, bronze and nickel doorbell covers to enhance your front door.  Be sure to check out our Michael Healy line of doorbell covers too – we are betting you will find one you like.

Fun Facts About Doorbells..............The first electric doorbell was invented in 1831 by Joseph Henry.  Before this invention, the doorbells of the most common type was a string attached to a large bell, similar to a church bell.  It took a considerable amount of effort to ring this bell long enough to alert the homeowner.
While times may have been simpler then, some things are just easier now!  Besides being easier, our doorbells can make your entrance more fun and welcoming to those arriving on your doorstep.
Think about the potential a simple doorbell's ring can bring.  Might it be that kind neighbor bringing a fresh baked delicacy for you to sample?  Maybe it is a flower delivery from a secret (or not so secret) admirer?  Possibly it is the dedicated Girl Scout selling delicious cookies or your trusted mailman bringing you a much awaited package.  Welcome those arriving to alert you with a unique and distinctive doorbell.