Door Knockers and Bells

Doorstops ~ Useful, Practical and Now Unique! 

Doorstops should not be boring.  Doorstops should be charming and decorative.  The unique and beautiful doorstops we carry can add a touch of class or whimsy while still being practical. 

Our brass wedge doorstops make the perfect door holder for your home.  Be sure to check out the pinecone and newberry doorstop.  They are the perfect decorative door hardware accessory.

 Our doorstops not only keep the door open, but add style to your home.


turtle doorstop bear doorstop bear doorstop cat doorstop
Turtle Bear New Bear Cat
pig doorstop frog doorstop bulldog doorstop labrador doorstop
Pig Frog Bulldog Labrador
bird doorstop lazy rabbit doorstop bunny doorstop mouse doorstop
Bird Lazy Rabbit Bunny Mouse
pushing mice doorstop stretching rabbit doorstop  peacock doorstop stretching cat doorstop 
Pushing Mice Stretching Rabbit Peacock Stretching Cat
stern bulldog sailboat doorstop pinecone cat & mice doorstop
Stern Bulldog   Sailboat   Pinecone   Cat and Mice
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