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michael healy bulldog dog knocker

michael healy whale tail door knocker




michael healy palm tree doorbell ringer


butterfly door knocker
blue crab door knocker



michael healy dog paw doorbell cover



Michael Healy was born and raised on the Cape Cod seashore. Though New England has always been his home base, by the age of ten his father's Air Force career had carried Michael halfway around the globe, exposing him to a variety of cultures which fueled a desire to express himself artistically. At the university of Notre Dame Michael studied metal sculpture and developed a passion for design. After a tour of duty in the Air Force, his marriage and the birth of his four children, Michael chose to use his knowledge and interest in metal work to open his own foundry on the banks of the Blackstone River in Rhode Island.  A dedicated and passionate artist, Michael continues to design daily.

We are proud to carry Michael Healy products!

Michael Healy


Polished Brass and/or Bronze

The mirrored finish of Polished Brass and Polished Bronze is achieved through varying degrees of sanding and buffing.  This finish is often used to highlight or accent the points or raised areas on a piece.

Oiled Bronze

The Oiled Bronze finish is attained by successively dipping raw castings into a patina solution and then buffing them to a satin finish. It is the repetition of this process that creates the rich, multi-tone finish of the dark Oiled Bronze.

Nickel Silver

The Nickel Silver finish has a contemporary look that combines high polished areas with brushed portions. A stainless steal brush on a high speed lathe is used to create the brushed finish.