Door Knockers and Bells

Beautiful Garden Wind Chimes To Add Melody To Your Outdoors!

Wind chimes can create a harmonious experience and great sound in your garden.  Wind chimes are a relaxing and beautiful way to add that finishing touch to any outdoor area in your garden or entrance.  Our aluminum or iron wind chimes are sturdy and weather resistant.

Wind chimes are a musical instrument that harnesses the wind as its player and composer.

History of wind chimes:  Modern wind chimes have their origins in Indian wind bells.  By the second century, these wind bells were being hung on the corners of large pagodas with the purpose of scaring away birds and evil spirits.  Later, wind chimes were introduced to China and were also hung in temples, palaces and homes. 
Wind chimes are thought to be good luck in parts of Asia and are used in Feng Shui.


triple pinecone wind chime large pinecone pinecone small windchime leaf scroll w/ butterfly
Triple Pinecone Pinecone Large Pinecone Small Scroll w/ Butterfly
chinese children wind chime angel wind chime acorn and leaf wind chime umbrella frog wind chime
Chinese Children Angel Acorn and Leaf Umbrella frog
umbrella Cat wind chime maple leaf wind chime leaf wind chime bird wind chime
Umbrella Cat Maple Leaf Leaves Bird
banana leaf wind chime dragonfly wind chime morning glory wind chime acorn w/ single leaf wind chime
Banana Leaf Magnolia Morning Glory Acorn w/ Leaf
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